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Available starting today! Aimed at those who are pregnant (who can’t have products with greens) OR even for those who just want to try some of our core products without the cleanse!


We are excited to announce a new product bundle called the New Mom Bundle! This bundle was inspired by our IsaMom influencers!

The New Mom Bundle includes

πŸ’₯two canisters of IsaLean Shake

πŸ’₯one box of IsaLean Bars

πŸ’₯one AMPED Hydrate

πŸ’₯one canister of Immune Shake Booster

The Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ price be $192.88 starting May 1 and increase to $196.96 on May 7. You can purchase the bundle right now by clicking here!

Reach out to us for more information of if you would like to place an order! Follow us on facebook here!

‑‑ If you are pregnant or nursing, check with your healthcare provider before using any products or modifying your diet, and ensure your healthcare provider is monitoring your progress.