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Summer is coming early with new products to help slim down!  Big things happened onstage at Canada Celebration in Vancouver over the past couple of days, and we’d love to share some of those announcements with you before shouting it from the mountain top.

Seasonal IsaLean Shake Peach Mango

What says summer better than the sweet and fruity infusion of Peach Mango IsaLean™ Shake? Your favorite warm-weather flavor is back for a limited time only! That’s good news for everyone craving more from its last release and even better news to everyone trying it for the very first time.

IsaBlender Max

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of the seasonal Peach Mango IsaLean Shake being blended to a smooth perfection. The new IsaBlender® Max, currently available in your favorite systems and paks, will finally be available for wholesale purchase in your Back Office. It looks better. It blends better. It even sounds better! And now you and your team can order it just in time for those cool summer recipes.

Both Peach Mango IsaLean Shake and IsaBlender Max are available to order Now!

One More Thing…Harvest Thins!

If you’re craving a plant-based alternative to Whey Thins™ and love the savory flavors of Southeast Asian cuisine, then Harvest Thins™ in Thai Sweet Chili flavor is going to knock your socks off! These crunchy snacks pack 11 grams of plant-based protein and contain 100 calories per individually packaged serving. It’s the great-tasting snack that will make a fantastic addition to the dairy-free product family.

Canadian Celebration attendees were the first to try them, but keep an eye out for its official launch later in April. It’s going to be worth the wait!

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us!