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With Thanksgiving under our belts (which are hopefully a little looser today), you can now properly give yourself the credit and pat on the back you deserve for cleansing through the holiday with us!  Last #CleanseDayWednesday was the perfect pre-holiday intermittent fast – allowing your body to prepare for the extra calorie consumption ahead. By cleansing with us, you undoubtedly showed sincere commitment and dedication to your health and your body. Kudos to you!

Takeaway Tokens This Week

If you cleansed with us last week, then you likely took advantage of some of pre-holiday cleanse hacks. We’ve compiled them here for your convenience so you have them handy for the holidays ahead.

Tip #1: Be Strategic!

Your intermittent fast should always be strategic, but especially so during the holidays when you have the opportunity to manage your caloric intake, while still enjoying your favorite holiday dishes. Cleansing the day before a major feast, like we did last week, is not only strategic, it’s smart.

Tip #2: Keep IsaDelights handy!

Temptation is the holidays’ middle name, but you don’t have to continually fall victim to temptation. Keep an IsaDelight® (or two) within arm’s reach. Support your body with the quality nutrition these decadent little squares have to offer.

Tip #3: Maintain your momentum!

Don’t be distracted by the smells from the kitchen as family and friends prepare their dishes. Stay on track with your cleansing goals, while still enjoying the sights, sounds, and scents, of the season. Set an alarm or alert on your mobile device to remind you of your next serving of Cleanse for Life®.

Tip #4: Have a snack!

Enjoy any Cleanse Day approved snack. The savory flavors of Whey Thins™ are a delicious and fulfilling option.

Remember This…

Don’t lose sight of the true reason for the season while maintaining your commitment to Cleanse With Friends. You can spend time with the ones you love, be merry and bright, all while cleansing too! Share your wealth of health with those around you and help spread not just holiday cheer, but the gift of Isagenix. Continue to “cleanse on” this season!