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At Celebration 2017, Isagenix proudly announced that the entire Performance line is now Informed-Sport certified! This is exciting news for all of our athletes, performance Customers, and business builders because everyone can feel confident knowing that these products have been tested for quality and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) banned substances.

“Isagenix products are the best sports nutrition products available, and having them Informed-Sport certified is crucial as it continues to be used at the highest level among athletes,” said Anna Nordqvist, Team Isagenix Elite Athlete and 7-Time LPGA Tour Winner.

As Isagenix continues to make waves in the sports performance community, taking that extra step to have our products Informed-Sport certified gives athletes and consumers more confidence in their chosen products and allows Isagenix to unleash its full potential in this growing market.

“Being confident that what you’re taking is for you, and for your benefit, gives you more certainty that you’re doing what’s right for your body,” said North Carolina Forward and Team Isagenix athlete Ashley Hatch. “It’s so important to know that the products have been tested to guarantee their quality and safety.”

Now, with the Performance line and Informed-Sport certification in our Isagenix toolbox, we’re already attracting the interest of more and more athletes and athletic-minded consumers. We’re showing them what Isagenix has to offer and are inspiring many with these tools and the accomplishments our athletes are reaching with these incredible products.

How Our Athletes Are Using Informed-Sport Certified Products

adam-thielenMinnesota Wide Receiver and Team Isagenix athlete Adam Thielen knows how far hard work and dedication can take you in your journey toward reaching your dreams. Moving his way up from his team’s practice squad in 2013, Adam is now a top receiver and key player for the team.

Adam didn’t reach his level of success without hours of practice and long days in the gym. He stays fueled with Isagenix. Here, he’s sharing what he uses every day to stay at the top of his game.






The Isagenix Performance line is also helping bodybuilders and fitness competitors to build large, well-defined muscle groups by providing what they need to support their body at the right time. This strategy, known as nutrient timing, is one that bodybuilder David Gilks employs so that he can take the stage a step ahead of the competition.

Below, he shares his carefully timed product routine for bodybuilding.



Morning: 1 serving AMPED NOx
Breakfast: IsaLean PRO Shake and Isagenix Greens
Preworkout: IsaPro and AMPED Power
Postworkout: AMPED Recover and IsaPro



rita-catolinoRita Catolino utilizes the flexibility the Isagenix System provides by using a different selection of products to fuel each of her different workouts, allowing her to reap the full benefits that each individual product offers.

For a yoga workout, Rita uses AMPED NOx as a preworkout, drinks AMPED Hydrate throughout, and has AMPED Recover as a postworkout. For a HIIT workout, like the sample workout she has shared below, Rita prefers to use AMPED Power and an e+™ for a preworkout and drinks AMPED Recover postworkout.

Rita’s HIIT Workout (30-45 min.):

Exercise Sets Reps
Kettle Bell Swings 3 12
Planks 3 1 min. each
Inchworm Pushups 3 10
Side Planks 3 1 min. each
Weighted Jump Squats 3 12
Side Planks 3 1 min. each
Battle Ropes 3 45 seconds

To get started on your performance transformation, check out our Informed-Sport certified AMPED Performance line today.