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As summer comes to an end, it’s time to squeeze in a few last-minute sleepovers and trips to the water park for the kids. It’s also time to get ready for school and the extra errands that come with it. This year, don’t stop at school supplies and new clothes; get yourself and your family ready with some great snacks from Isagenix!

Check out these delicious, convenient treats that will leave you and your family satisfied so you can stay full and focused throughout the day.

  • Fiber Snacks™ – Gluten-free and with 24 percent of the daily recommended value of fiber, these tasty snacks will keep you feeling fuller longer.
  • Slim Cakes® – Leave the cookies behind. At 90 calories, these are a sweet treat to add to lunch.
  • Whey Thins™ – Individually wrapped in 100-calorie packs, these are a great midafternoon snack. The combination of high-quality protein, good fats, and carbohydrates satisfies hunger without spoiling dinner.

You can also try our ranch-roasted chickpeas for a warm and satisfying after-school snack to enjoy with your kids when they get home!